Preseason work party - 13 and 20 July - support required

Monday 8th July 2024

Royal Wootton Bassett Town will be holding a work party on Saturday 13 and 20 July in order to prepare the Gerard Buxton Sports Ground facility for the start of the new season.

On both dates, activities will begin at around 9am and finish at around 12.30

To ensure all activities are completed in good time, additional support is requested. Those available to help are invited to contact Chairman Paul Gerrish (; 07946 629483).

Refreshments, including tea, coffee and bacon rolls - will be provided to all helpers.

Details of the required activities are outlined below.

Clubhouse Football Wing

Wash walls (all areas)
Wash floors - ideally with an industrial floor scrubber
Laundry room - remove dryers and wash floor/ worktop and sink
Empty and clean Officials Dressing Room 2 - move all non-essential items to external storage
Kit check

Stadium Pitch

Jet wash dugouts
Wash advertising pitch-side boards
Jet wash kiosk rain covers
Wash goal posts
Brush and de-weed standing areas
Brush out stands and wash seats
Clean turnstiles and lubricate mechanisms

Stadium Kiosk

Deep clean filters
Wash floor
Deep clean equipment
Assess stock and remove out of date items

Clubhouse Kitchen

Deep clean filters
Empty and clean fryer

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