Royal Wootton Bassett Town will yet again be running a Fantasy Football League for the 2020-21 season. It is available for all to enter and there are prizes to be won.

It is quick and easy to enter. To do so, visit and click on sign up. Once you have followed the instructions and selected your team, click on the 'Leagues' tab.

There, click 'Create and join new leagues' and on the subsequent page select 'Join an existing league' before selecting 'Join private league' on the page following that. Here, you will be asked to enter a code, with the League number being: wpapak.

Those who competed last season will automatically re-enter if they use their existing log-in details.

Last year there were a record 124 entries. The eventual winner was Tim Hall who scored 2,362 points - 77 more than this closest rival Martin Cooper.

For all the club's managers and coaches, joining the Fantasy League is the only chance to prove who the pick of the bunch really is, so get entering! And for players, parents or supporters it's an opportunity to find out if you're cut out for a managerial career...

Youth section players can join too as there is no age limit on entries.

It's great fun to play, and, after yet another successful season last year, it would be brilliant if more could enter to make it even bigger and better. This season we try again to reach three figures!

Previous Winners

2019/20 – Tim Hall (FC Eric Bantona)
2018/19 – Andy Guppy (Dirty Oars)
2017/18 – Mike Price (Cheesy Naan)
2016/17 – Andy Guppy (Dirty Oars)
2015/16 – Andy Guppy (Dirty Oars)
2014/15 – Andy Guppy (Dirty Oars)
2013/14 – Michael Case (Cupid Punts)
2012/13 – Sam Lawro (Top of the Perch -19)
2011/12 – Sam Lawro (19- Top Of Your Perch)
2010/11 – Josh Dimond (Liquidation FC)