Photo of Andy Walduck

Andy Walduck
07980 730905

Photo of Pete Yeardley

Pete Yeardley
Vice Chairman
07778 936868

Photo of Ian Thomas

Ian Thomas
Secretary / Youth Section Secretary
07714 718122

Photo of Mike Price

Mike Price
07496 733652

Photo of Paul Davis

Paul Davis
Head of Senior Section
07803 267733

Photo of Anthony Moore

Anthony Moore
Head of Ladies Section
07796 306200

Photo of Mari Green

Mari Green
Head of Youth Section
07712 581384

Photo of Nick Warren

Nick Warren
Head of Veterans Section
07789 888300

Photo of Mark Smedley

Mark Smedley
07887 634887

Photo of Claire Cranswick

Claire Cranswick
Welfare Officer

Photo of Paul Gerrish

Paul Gerrish
RWBSA Business Management Team Member
07946 629483

Photo of Bryan Wood

Bryan Wood
RWBSA User Group Member
07847 639406

Photo of Mike Byrne

Mike Byrne
Head of Senior Coaching

Photo of Mark Ellis

Mark Ellis
Community Football Officer
07927 904370

Photo of Paul Burke

Paul Burke
Merchandise Manager
07771 627983

Photo of Samantha Wood

Samantha Wood
SSE Wildcats Girls' Football Centre Coach

Photo of Simon Jones

Simon Jones
Youth Section Operations Team Member
07779 934806

Photo of Anita Evans

Anita Evans
Youth Section Pitch Bookings
07795 955917

Photo of Sadie Boys-Stones

Sadie Boys-Stones
Youth Section Membership and Registrations
07773 242556

Photo of Kara Gregory

Kara Gregory
Sports Therapist
07732 041981

Photo of Nick Bolton

Nick Bolton
Soccer Skills Academy
07745 230226

Photo of Amy Rowland

Amy Rowland
Saturday Soccer Skills Sessions Coach
07519 089442

Photo of Paul Curtis

Paul Curtis
Senior Section Match Secretary

Photo of Stuart Smedley

Stuart Smedley
Press Officer
07985 367772

Photo of Mark Smedley

Mark Smedley
First Team Programme Editor
07887 634887

Photo of Scott Smedley

Scott Smedley
Website Developer and Designer
07849 334072

First Team
Manager: Sam Collier
Assistant: Matt Bulman
Therapist: Kara Gregory
Manager: Jonny House
Manager: James Goddard
Manager: Steve Yeardley
Assistant: Steve Shaw
Coach: Andy Mullen
Veterans Blue
Manager: Nick Warren
Veterans Yellow
Manager: Bryan Watson
Over 50s
Under 18 Senior
Manager: Shane Saunders
Assistant: Ben Clements
Under 18 Yellow
Manager: Nick Warren
Coach: Gavin Cook
Under 16 Blue
Manager: Simon Harrison
Assistant: Paul Dodson
Under 16 Yellow
Manager: Steve Robbins
Assistant: Jeremy Turner
Under 15 Blue
Manager: Tony Gleed
Assistant: Glenn Coates
Under 15 Yellow
Manager: Steve Humphrey
Assistant: Dave Bundy
Coach: Mark Francis
Coach: Pete Curtis
Under 14 Blue
Manager: Paul Boys-Stones
Assistant: Craig Bailey
Under 14 Yellow
Manager: Anthony Moore
Assistant: Paul Taylor
Under 14 White
Manager: Ryan Brudenell
Assistant: Andrew Triggs
Under 13 Blue
Manager: Martin Jefferies
Assistant: Matt Davis
Under 13 Yellow
Manager: Josh Carey
Coach: Daniel Carey
Under 12 Blue
Manager: Jeremy Smith
Assistant: Jason Hudson
Under 12 Yellow
Manager: Carl Johnson
Under 12 White
Manager: Adam Keith
Manager: Martin Ashurst
Under 11 Blue
Under 11 Yellow
Manager: Paul Gillie
Assistant: Mark Crone
Coach: Ryan Gillie
Under 10 Blue
Manager: Stewart Whitehead
Assistant: Adam Iles
Under 10 Yellow
Under 9 Blue
Manager: Mark Cooper
Under 9 Yellow
Manager: Craig Moreton
Manager: Paul Carson
Under 8 Blue
Coach: Gavin Cook
Under 8 Yellow
Manager: Kevin Pocock
Under 7
Manager: Kelvin Spencer
Assistant: Lee Hollamby