Swindon Victoria
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Wootton Bassett TownWBTFC

WBTFC Scorers:
M Jefferies, L Nash, A Slocombe, P Teetgen, J Woods

Victoria get same treatment as Swindon 'A'

The Evening Advertiser, Monday September 19th 1960

Wootton Bassett, leaders of the Wiltshire Premier League, and Swindon Victoria, top of the old county competition, having each gained 5-0 victories a week earlier, looked all set for a needle match when they clashed in the FA Amateur Cup competition on Saturday, but the Town provided something of a shock by cruising to another 5-0 success.

It was not such a one-sided tussle as the score would suggest, but the Town had that necessary bite at close quarters. Teetgen, Nash, Slocombe, Wood and Jefferies scored.

The previous week Wootton Bassett had beaten Swindon Town 'A' 5-0.

The Football Pink, Saturday September 17th 1960

There were shocks in store for unbeaten Swindon Victoria when they found themselves trailing 3-0 to Wootton Bassett at half-time of their FA Amateur Cup preliminary round tie.

The Vics were first to make an attack of any consequence, and only a fine save by Jones prevented left-winger Wakely from scoring.

Wootton Bassett should have opened the scoring in the 15th minute when Slocombe received a pass with only the goalkeeper to beat, but the right-winger's shot went right into Titcombe's hands.

However, Teetgen did manage to score two minutes later, Titcombe failing to reach the cannon-ball shot.

Wootton Bassett's forwards were now constantly on the attach, and ably supported by wing half Nash and Freegard had the Swindon defence worried.

It was one of the wing halves Nash, who put Wootton Bassett further ahead in the 25th minute.

Wootton Bassett's right-winger Slocombe made up for his earlier mistake in the 33rd minute when he nodded home a model Teetgen centre.

Although Swindon Victoria staged a comeback just before half-time they could not find the necessary penetrating force to score.

Wood and Jefferies scored for Wootton Bassett in the second half.

The Football Pink, Saturday September 24th 1960 (by Moonraker)

This was a most interesting game to study as it represented the first meeting of these clubs since the Town left the Wiltshire League the season before last and one wondered how the sojourn in the supposedly more strenuous Premier League football had affected them.

When the season finished Wootton Bassett were league champions and Swindon Victoria runners-up, eight points behind them. Their two meetings produced a win for Wootton Bassett at Stanton Fitzwarren by four goals to two but a one each drawn result at Wootton Bassett.

So first, let us hear what the two clubs themselves have to say about it. Says Mr. Percy Stone, one of the longest-serving club secretaries in Wiltshire: "After the first ten minutes or so when I thought the Vics were going to give us a tough game we were the faster team and always on top, even in the second half after Lou Nash had been taken off. In the old days the Vics always gave us a hard match and it just shows how our lads have quickened up having to play clubs like Westbury, Devizes, Swindon 'A' and such like every week and shows the difference between the two Leagues.

Vics Viewpoint

Mr. Jack Dent, newly-appointed Vics secretary this season, but also secretary a few seasons ago and club player before that says, "I agree Wootton Bassett were faster and more direct than our team, but we, too, had a man as good as off all the second half through an injury which Barry Saunders received at Pewsey the week before, reasserting itself. It was just one of those days when no one seemed able to rouse themselves and was nothing like the team that won so handsomely at Pewsey. After all we had a similar bad day when we lost at Malmesbury by five to one and then, when we needed to in our next meeting with them a few days later, we pulled out that extra to beat them easily. I think we could do the same with Wootton Bassett if we had to play them again."

Well, there you are. Would it not be fair comment to say that while the Vics can play football at Wootton Bassett's speed it has to be a special effort to do so whereas Wootton Bassett have come to play it naturally?

Live-Wire Teetgen

It is true the Vics were on top at the start but even then there was little zip showing. Peter Teetgen then kept popping up on either wing in most disconcerting fashion and before long scored Wootton Bassett's first goal.

Lou Nash and Alan Slocombe added further goals in the first half besides missing an easy one or two.

Afterwards, with Nash off with torn knee ligaments, and Barry Saunders, of the Vics limping, the Wootton Bassett ascendancy continued with additional goals coming from Jack Wood and Mike Jefferies.

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Swindon Victoria
0 ‒ 5
Wootton Bassett TownWBTFC

WBTFC Scorers:
M Jefferies, L Nash, A Slocombe, P Teetgen, J Woods