As a Charted Standard Development Club our aim is to raise awareness of football within our local community and offer playing opportunities for all. To help us achieve this WBTFC has constructed a football development plan (FDP). The purpose of this 5 year plan is to provide a framework for the Club's future development and to provide targets for achievements which the Club can measure progress against.

The plan has defined headings and areas for development as recommended and recognised by the sport's various governing bodies, although it is acknowledged that some areas have a higher degree of focus than others. The key headings are as follows:

  • Club Development
  • Leagues Competition and Small-Sided Football
  • Workforces Developments
  • Football in Education
  • Women and Girl's Football
  • Football for Disabled People
  • Race Equality
  • Social Inclusion
  • Health
  • Communication and Marketing

At the end of each football season the plan is reviewed and new objectives are agreed and published internally. Externally our newsletter, TOUCHLINE, details our quarterly objectives along with a status report from the previous quarters, so you're able to monitor progress.

We do need to remember though that our club is run by volunteers. Therefore we have limited resources, specifically around coaching staff. If you have something that you are able to offer the club (such as running a second team within an age group or helping out on match days) WBTFC would very much like to hear from you. To make contact please contact one of our Committee members in the "Contact Directory".

FA Charter Standard Club